Modern City

Commercial Real Estate Portfolio Management


Here at Breezeway we know how to take the efficiency of your l Real Estate Portfolio Management to a whole new level. We take your Spreadsheets and make them into a cloud-based system so that you can streamline business processes and make operations more effective

Create business value through real-time Information and Performance Tracking of your Loans, Gain access to advanced analytics through Custom Reporting and enjoy all the benefits of Business Process' Digitization

Full Lifecycle Management
Performance Tracking
Special Servicing

  • Over $ 2.5 Billion in CRE Assets

  • 4 CRE Funds 

  • 3 Special Servicers 

  • 1 Origination/ CMBS Securitization Conduit 

  • 7 years running

  • Analyzed over 3,100 Loans on over 4000 properties with over $ 45 Billion in Original Balance

  • Originated over 240 Loans on 730 Properties with over $ 2.4 Billion Original Balance

  • Securitized over 210 Loans with over $ 2.2 Billion Original Balance on over 18 CMBS by 3 different issuers

  • Platform employed by rated Special Servicers

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