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Fully Supported and 100% Customizable CRM /Client Portal Built to Your Specs

  • Fully custom Investor Portal and CRM

  • Secure cloud-based solution

  • Contributions / Distributions

  • K1s and Investment documents

  • Uploading, Downloading, Sharing

  • Dashboard and Analytics

  • Whitelabeled

Who We Are

Breezeway Logic uses decades of market experience to build custom software solutions in Finance

1. Custom-made

Proprietary software robots quickly implement your custom solution and allow for future enhancements

2. Cloud-based and Secure

Employing the Microsoft Azure cloud platform with state-of-the-art security features

3. Fully Supported

Ongoing customization supports your Business today and into the future

4. Honest

Zero risk: start for FREE with

No hidden fees

No upfront charges

No per-user costs

No volume limits

We know Client Satisfaction is the Foundation of a Successful Business. Customers today expect 24/7 access to their Portfolio and analytics as well as on-demand self-service technologies that would eliminate having to wait for answers on their Portfolio.

Breezeway Logic builds custom CRMs incorporating Client Portals, branded with your logo and theme, to help deliver an excellent client experience and present yourself professionally. Your investors / clients / counter-parties will securely access their data, enjoy enhanced functionality, and access and upload files, at their convenience. 

Check out our base features

Tell us about your vision for your Portal and we will implement it for you

Financials and Analytics, including Pivot Tables

Data at your fingertips

Informative Dashboards

Provide Insight into the portfolio with custom-built solutions employing individual access and user permissions

Secure Data Uploading and Sharing Features

Safeguarding sensisve information with protected access to financials and official records.

And Many More

Our proprietary software allows for quick development of any new custom features

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