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Fully Supported and 100% Customizable Loan Origination Platform Built to Your Specs

No Risk
No Upfront Cost
Tailor Made For You
Deployed In A Month

State-of-the-art security employing the Microsoft Azure cloud platform 

CRM, Pipeline Management, Calendar, Checklist, Reminders, Quick Notes, Custom Reports, and more - all built around your business and customized to your vision

Bulk Data Uploads and Downloads designed to handle your Data

From a Team with over 20 Years of Experience building Software for Wall Street Financial Firms

Who We Are

Breezeway Logic uses decades of market experience to build custom software solutions in Finance

1. Custom-made

Proprietary software robots quickly implement your custom solution and allow for future enhancements

2. Cloud-based and Secure

Employing the Microsoft Azure cloud platform with state-of-the-art security features

3. Fully Supported

Ongoing customization supports your Business today and into the future

4. Honest

Zero risk: start for FREE with
No hidden fees
No upfront charges
No per-user costs
No volume limits


Your Systems built around your Business

Clean Layout

Eliminate unused fields, structure and store your Data the way you want it

CRM / Pipeline Management

Align your Process with your Vision

 Notes, Reminders, Calendar and Scheduler

Keep your team up to date

Pre-Built & Ad-Hoc Reports and Forms

Enjoy reporting designed exactly as your requested

Unlimited Users with No Additional Cost

Don't pay extra for growing your Team


Manage your loans' performance, draws, payments and budgets in a few clicks


Included support allows for ongoing enhancements, updates, and training

Bulk Data Uploading and Downloading

Minimize manual inputs

Strategic Planning and White Labeling

Let your Custom Software expand with your Business


Safely move all your Data to your custom Platform

Security &

Different levels of access for Loan Officers, Brokers, and Borrowers

What are the timelines?

Expect your initial custom implementation running within a month. However, development times depend on how many unique features you request.

How does my custom solution get developed so quickly?

Partnering your ideas with our proprietary software robots and expertise delivers custom-built solutions efficiently.

Is your software expensive?

No. Your unique system costs less than a typical off-the-shelf software. We eliminate the need for multiple vendor systems by building one implementation  tailor-made for you. We also have ho hidden fees and do not raise your rate based on the number of users, features implemented, or transaction volume.

How are you different from any other vendor?

We do not sell off-the-shelf software. Our proprietary software robots enable us to efficiently build custom solutions for each of our clients. Your unique system will be implemented for less than the cost of off-the-shelf products or the cost of a single IT employee. And, unlike ready-made software, your custom implementation will grow and adjust to your business needs.


You Asked, We Answered

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