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Asset Management Solutions

Power you business to a new level with Breezeway tools

Gain control of your portfolio by tracking key metrics, streamlining processes, reviewing detailed custom reports, and effortlessly building ad-hoc views within your custom consolidated data warehouse. 


Streamline the operations

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Align your System with your Processes


  • Workflow and Pipeline Management

  • Performance and Activity tracking

  • Custom Reporting

  • Ad-Hoc views

  • Event Calendar

  • Key Event Reminders

  • User-Friendly Dashboard

Replace your spreadsheets

Breezeway turns your scattered spreadsheets into efficient, professional, state-of-the-art cloud based systems.

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Consolidate Your Data

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Cloud based technologies eliminate the need to maintain expensive in-house IT teams.

Obtain efficient, secure, custom systems at less than the cost of just ONE developer. 

Who we are

We are a software engineering team providing fully custom and affordable software solutions for  Residential and Commercial Real Estate portfolio tracking, including CRM services, Origination, Securitization and Special Servicing. We have been building financial systems for Wall Street and Hedge Funds (sell-side and buy-side) for over 20 years.

Who we work for

We create solutions for small to medium sized businesses (5-100 people).

Our customers chose to:

  • Avoid paying for multiple services because no one system caters for all their needs.

  • Replace inefficient, cookie-cutter portfolio management software.

  • Eliminate countless spreadsheets and keeping track of scattered data.

  • Employ a custom, secure, cloud-based data warehouse that works for their business


How we are different

We do not sell stamped, uniform, one-for-all software. We know no two businesses are the same, and our solutions are tailored to your specific needs. Using proprietary programming robots, we are able to quickly and cost-efficiently provide you with better result than an in-house team of developers could. Gain custom, fully supported systems for less than the cost of a single employee's salary.  


Why Choose Us



Ongoing customization ensures that your platforms supports your business today and into the future.



Secure Microsoft Azure cloud platform, latest cloud-based technology employing C#, MVC.NET, JavaScript,  Ajax, HTML, and Azure SQL.



 Custom, fully supported software for a fraction of the cost of a single employee.


The system is more robust than other special servicing technology seen by Fitch at other loan-level special services, and was recently updated with enhanced asset management modules, asset status report (ASRs) and expanded valuation fields, in line with [firm's] continual updates of the system

                                          - Fitch